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We are, in the main, a ‘waste’ business (although we do other things like sell second-hand cars). So there are strict rules by which we have to operate and we are regulated by Government – mainly the Environment Agency, but now also the Police & Derby City Council.

Scrap vehicles are ‘waste’ as they have been ‘discarded’ by their owners. Because of the sheer number & complexity of cars, they can pose a huge problem if not properly handled. It wasn’t that long ago that abandoned vehicles blighted this country, and we are all keen to avoid a repeat of that. It is not widely known, but about 85% of a vehicle is now recycled, this is set to increase in coming years. This includes all of the metal & an increasing amount of the non-metals (such as plastics).

In order to recycle scrap cars, all vehicle dismantlers & scrap yards have to be licensed and inspected by the Environment Agency. We now also have to be registered with Derby City Council as a Scrap Metal Dealer (even though we don’t buy scrap metal, we buy motor cars). You can find details of our registration below:

  • Waste Management License/ Environmental Permit (this allows us to receive, store & treat waste vehicles) number: EAWML43264
  • Waste Carriers License number (this allows us to transport waste) number: CBDU89451
  • Scrap Metal Dealers License number: SMD003 (Derby City Council)

You can download these registration certificates here:

Waste Management Licence,    Waste Carriers Licence,    Scrap Metal Dealers Licence





The MVDA, Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association, is the Trade Association for the vehicle recycling industry.  It was formed in 1943 and has members the length & breadth of the UK.  Its role is to represent our interests with UK & European Government, industry & customers.  So it provides information and guidance to anybody interested in vehicle recycling.   Albert Looms Ltd has been a long-term member of the MVDA.  Over the years we have contributed two Chairmen, two Treasurers, and various committee members.  We were actively involved in the vehicle manufacturers CARE Group, set up in 1995 when the End of Life Vehicle Directive was first discussed by the European Union.



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